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Since YouTube was born until now, online video has become an indispensable part for internet users in the areas of entertainment, news, education, etc. But there is one area where online video has not been care and development much, that’s e-commerce. So what will the benefits that video e-Commerce brings to seller and buyer?
+ Seller: do not need to waste time taking a lot of pictures and write a description to help buyers can visualize their products. Sellers can both record video and use their voice to read the description of the details of the product. With a car, just 2 minute video that can describe all the details from your vehicle, interior, body, besides sellers can give buyers hear motor vehicles.
+ Buyer: get the comfort of watching a television program about introducing products and not have to strain your eyes to read the long description lines. You can see more angles of the product rather than just a few pictures and hear the engine of the products, such as automobiles, machinery and equipment. The buyer will get a better feeling than using products image. is a place where sellers and buyers have the above experience.
Shopvido homepage
In the details page about a product on, video on the left, the lower is the share buttons to your friends on social networks. You can contact the seller using the “Contact Seller” or the “Let’s Exchange” when you want to exchange your items with items of the seller. Tab on the right displays information about the seller, price and location, the communication order.In the figure below is a product sold in the form of Local.
Watch a video about a product on shopvido
The seller can also upgrade their account to a Merchant Shop to have online payment function through Paypal, when upgrade to Merchant Shop, you’ll have a video store with domain, other members can follow your shop and get updates every time you have new products. Currently upgrading to Merchant Shop on shopvido is completely free.
Screen shot of a Merchant Shop on
Products of a Merchant Shop have online payment function through Paypal and you can make an offer.
Sell ​​a product on is also very simple, you just need to sign up for an account (It’s FREE), prepare video about your product and post up to shopvido. After upload the video, you will update the product information such as product name, price, contact … Video and product information will be uploaded to youtube so Youtube users can search and find your product, and one important thing is that youtube is a project of google, so google search engine will easily find your video, get you more sales opportunities. Shopvido is also have embed function for the case you already have a video on youtube.
Post a new product
Update information after uploaded or embed video.
You can use the video record equipment such as cameras, phones, webcams for video recording. If you are using iphone, ipad, ipod, you can download free Shopvido App here:
Shopvido App will help you record video about your products and post straight up onto Very fast and easy to use.
Shopvido App will also help you find products you need and contact the seller.
Shopvido App user interface
In addition to sales by video, is also support customers create slideshow with images of their product. You can upload pictures, select transition effects and music to help your product to be more impressive.
Create a slideshow on shopvido
A product with slideshow on
In your private page, you can manage everything related to your account, such as: products, messages, orders, profile …
Private page on shopvido
Currently, having promotion “Get A Free Starbucks Coffee”. You can get a free 5$ eGift for you or your friend when post 3 products onto Shopvido (Only for user in USA). You can click here for more detail:

A New Marketplace for Sellers on YouTube

In the glorious age of the Internet, more and more potential buyers do a research on a would-be purchase online. It’s the best stop for even the meticulous consumer as you can get both customer feedback and a live performance of the product. By advertising a product on YouTube, sellers just need to get the ball rolling before the traffic directs itself there.

You Tube has become the most popular new marketplace for sellers to seek for their potential buyers thanks to social networking sites like Facebook by being able to share videos to the population. People who had not heard of a certain product might just buy it after watching a video they were tagged in! Besides that, due to the minimal costs of advertising on YouTube, it is a better financial option for sellers. The costs involved will only be setting up a website and the video production cost! The product will travel by word of mouth through these networking sites and YouTube itself. No more headache on high advertising costs!

Pictures speak a thousand words. How about videos? A million! As consumers get more and more impatient, a wall of text will surely put them off. Whereas an interesting video, all it takes is the time to load and a few minutes of their life will be spent watching your product video. They might even end up buying it since its so mesmerizing! Pictures can be doctored and words twisted but videos are the truth. Consumers will trust a video performance of the product more than anything else.

Videos are seen to be the next generation advertising method as through the advancement of technologies, recording quality gets better and better and thus videos clearer too. With better videos, more possibilities are opened up. Videos have an added advantage as consumers feel that they have more interaction with the product compared with other means.

Research also suggests that a catchy tune or a mesmerizing video can imprint themselves subconsciously into the human brain. Until that one day, when they suddenly need that certain item, the past memories might surface and they will think of that product and buy it. If I can remember after so long, it surely can’t be that bad, right?

A new marketplace,, has evolved to become the next online video marketplace that connect buyers with quality sellers via video. 123exchanges is trying to change the way people advertise and promote their products online. Buyers now are more likely to watch video listings instead of just plain pictures. This video concept is helping buyers and sellers build trust and eventually leading to future sales.

Selling on YouTube has both pros and cons.

• Mass audience
• Embed function to other sites
• Easy to share your videos through social media channels.
• Fast uploading speed

• YouTube is a “Broadcast Yourself” video sharing platform. It’s not an ideal place to buy or sell stuff.
• Your buyers won’t go to YouTube to find you.
• There is no payment system in place for you to complete a transaction.
• Very hard for people to find your products on YouTube because of the search algorithm/optimization.

People who sell stuff on YouTube should join together to build a new community of buyers and sellers who love the video concept over just posting plain pictures. Together we can build a video marketplace to change the way people showcase products online. Be proactive to the community by starting your own video store today!

Take Your Yard Sale Online With Video Ads! It’s Spring Clean Time

Sell Your Junk Online With Video Advertising

They say that another man’s trash is another man’s treasure, which is pretty much true, especially in this case. It has been one of the most popular trends for people to go to yard sale and sell their unwanted junk. Although selling your stuff at a yard sale can be very beneficial, there is another way to do so, and not only will you earn money faster; you could also reach more customers and get more exposures. Who knows, by doing a video advertising to sell your old stuff that you no longer want or need, you could actually turn it into a real and stable business with great income.

Instead of throwing your trash in the garage away, why not do some spring-cleaning session and spare your junk so that you could earn extra money with it rather than putting it straight into garbage? Not only will you save more space when you’re cleaning out old stuff from your garage, you could earn some profit and possibly a stable business! Selling your stuff at a yard sale is a great idea, but if you want better results, you should do it online with video advertising as well. You must list all of your items and figure out how to make a unique and creative video that represents the items well. Your video should be able to make people interested. Give a memorable title to the video to attract more audiences, and make sure that the video has a concise and clear message.

With lots of options available in these modern times, now is the perfect chance for you to take your garage online with video advertising. With sites like YouTube, you could take advantage of it by showcasing your things in your garage that you’d like to sell. Make a really interesting, unique, and interactive video so that when people are watching it, they’d feel as if you’re talking to them directly as a friend, not just some irritating salesman trying to force people to buy his products.

When people are able to see the items that you are selling in your video, they feel more confident as they see the item themselves. They are able to view the condition and the exact physical size to ensure that you aren’t a fraudster. Therefore, video advertising is also a good way to earn the customers’ trust, besides attracting them to your items.

Anna has been writing articles online for nearly 3 years now. You might want to check out if you are looking for yard sale to sell stuff.

Should Used Car Salesmen Make Video Listings to Sell Used Cars

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Most of us have been through that stage before, needing to buy a car, but new ones cost too much more expensive when compared to used ones. A lot of used cars in the market now are as good as their new counterparts, especially those with low mileage. But during those times when considering which used car to buy, there is this doubt inside of us, wondering whether the car shortlisted will have faults or problems that the seller did not mentioned. The fear that maybe the pictures they had shown did not show the cars faults, like scratches and dents, or fear that the picture shown is not the car being sold entirely. So, this brings us to the question. Do video listings of the used cars prove to be more useful?

Video listings do have its advantages, both for the seller and the buyer. For the buyer, video listings can show a 360o view of the car and show footage of the car’s every nook and cranny. The footage can also record the sound of the engine noise. The engine noise can be analyzed by mechanics to show how many pistons are still running and the mechanics can hear whether the engine is well maintained by the previous owner. The footage can also show whether the electronics inside the car are still working, for example, the stereo, air conditioning, wipers and the lights on the dashboard. This in turn can increase the buyers’ confidence in the car’s condition and will decrease their doubt, resulting in less travelling time and cost needed to view the cars in person to judge the car. However, even if the video uploaded by the seller is really good, going to the seller personally and judging the car in person is still recommended. Another advantage for the buyers is that video editing is much harder when compared to picture editing since every second of a video consists of 30 different pictures. So less edited videos will be uploaded and more salesmen can be trusted.

Video listings of used cars also pose advantages for salesmen. The buyers are more likely to view at uploaded videos of the cars instead of the photos for the advantages mentioned above. The more confident the buyer is about your product, the more likely he/she is going to buy the product. By posting videos, there will be less people coming over to see the car, and the less busy the car salesmen will be. The salesmen will also be able to add in commentary of the cars they are selling and explain the causes of the flaws of the car. The salesmen can also sound more interesting and friendlier, so when buyers listen to their voices, they won’t feel intimidated to come over in person to seal the deal. Video listings also enable the salesmen to advertise on more websites that hosts videos like YouTube.
Even though video listings take a longer time to make and upload, and buyers will be able to browse at fewer cars at the same amount of time, buying a car is not a small matter for the majority of the society. If making video listings increases the chances of a successful deal being made, it will be worth the effort making and viewing them. So, in conclusion, making video listings will be much more beneficial to both the seller and buyer when compared to just photos.

Anna Peacocks- About the Author
Anna has been writing articles online for nearly 3 years now. If you are looking for the new marketing idea, you might want to check out for video advertising.


Watch the Video and Buy It- The Next Generation of Classified Advertising

Advertising has taken a twist in line with the changing times. With the advent of technology and the Internet, advertising has to change too. The same mediums cannot be used twenty years later as it was used before. With that, video advertising has emerged as a new method of advertising.

Video advertising is the use of videos to promote an item. Many industries and fields have resorted to this new form of advertising to increase their sales, be it of products or services. Real estate agents have used this method to show potential clients the homes that are being up for rent or sale. Health products have videos too to show how effective their products are and how they work in our bodies. Websites trading in items use video advertising too to attract customers to purchase the items put up for sale. is one of these websites that uses video advertising to promote the items up for sale. It is a classified website that people sell things either used or new. You will find a wide range of items here, from pets, gadgets, automobiles and home theatre systems. It is the place to get quality second hand goods easily without having to leave your home to head to a garage sale or a yard sale. There are various reasons that lead to deciding on video advertising, namely:

  • Attract buyers

Without a video, people would be unlikely to even click on an item. By having a video there, people are lured to click and view the item. That is how Youtube achieved its success; people simply love videos.

  • Better preview of items

If there is nothing to hide, why not let potential customers take a look at the items as they are? It helps customers to decide if they want to purchase the item and it also gives potential customers the confidence in the item. Buyers wouldn’t feel cheated or misled because they have viewed the items. This way, sellers tend to benefit as they gain the trust of the customers.

  • Time and cost saving

Customers need not leave their homes to check out the items of their interest further. If they want to view the kitten that they wish to purchase, simply click on the video and check them out. This way, they save time by not having to drive over to the seller’s place and this translates into cost saving measures too. They get the idea of how the item is like without having to head over and be disappointed.

Video advertising gives leverage over other classifieds websites who do not have this feature. If you were to buy something, wouldn’t you want to check it out further first?

Anna Peacocks- About the Author
Anna has been writing articles online for nearly 3 years now. If you are looking for the new way to advertise your second hand stuff, you might want to check out for video advertising.

Where to buy second hand stuff to save money?

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We all know that buying second  hand/ used stuff can save us so much money.  The question comes down to where do you start looking?  Where can you find the best deals?  The best place to start is online.

Buying Online-

Craigslist One of the most popular and free website to buy and sell used stuff today.  Craigslist has over 50 million unique visitors/month and currently the leader in classified ads.  But there are pros/cons about craigslist.

  • Pros- Great exposure, it’s free, easy to use, link directly to your email.
  • Cons- A great amount of scams, you’ll receive fishing emails asking you to change your password so they can send viruses to your computer stealing your information, can waste so much time traveling around to look for the ideal item, it’s only local.

Tips using craigslist

  1. Make sure you see the product in person before agreeing to buy it.
  2. Never send money to anyone
  3. Make sure what you’re buying completely works.
  4. Don’t bother something that’s too good to be true.  It’s most likely a scam
  5. Don’t trust the pictures
  6. Don’t meet people after sunset ( could be very dangerous)
  7. Bring someone along with you if possible
  8. Do your research before buying something valuable– A new way to buy and sell used stuff online with video.  If you’re time is limited, 123exchanges is the place where you should go to search for used stuff.  They allow you to watch video listings without having to leave the comfort of your home.  123exchanges could possibly be the future of online classified advertising.

  • Pros- Video to showcase products, save you time from traveling around, let you exchange stuff instead of buying,  share your postings to social media with just one click, great customer support and users interaction.
  • Cons- It’s a bit new, so far only available in some areas.

Ebay– eBay is the biggest international auction marketplace to buy and sell used stuff online.  If you can’t find something on Ebay, most likely you won’t find them anywhere else.  Well known for selling your used stuff first and using that money for new purchases.

  • Pros- Worldwide exposure, easy to compare prices, you can find almost everything on Ebay.
  • Cons- Alot of fake stuff, customer support is crap, selling fees are increasingly expensive, alot of scam emails.

Tips for buying stuff on Ebay

  1. Check shipping price and policy
  2. Read reviews, feedbacks and ratings of seller
  3. Check location of sellers, be careful sellers  in Nigeria
  4. Check refund policy and ask seller if you have any questions before buying
  5. Don’t get into an auction war- sometime you might be paying for over what it’s worth
  6. Do your research

Amazon– A great marketplace to buy books.  Very safe and secure.  Amazon has great customer support and well known for its prices.  You can compare Amazon to Wal Mart but for online only.

Here are some other websites where you can list your products for free.

  1.– Social classified ads.  Great and fast if you have a facebook account
  2.– Great for personals- seeking a mate
  3.– Where buyers meet sellers
  4.– own by ebay, if you like ebay you’ll like Kijiji
  5.– The domain says it all
  6. – not much exposure
  7.–  recycle your stuff
  8.– walmart version of free classified

Places to search for Offline- Buying Local

Thrift Stores/Goodwill

Second Hand Store

Flee Market and Garage Sale


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123 Exchanges goes live with a video market place for buying selling or exchanging absolutely anything – via video ads.

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It makes perfect sense in the media age in which we live in to present your products with a video instead of with just photos and text. This is the idea behind the new website, a new site that offers users the ability to post video adverts of their products.

Leon Nguyen, the founder of explained the concept behind the site.

“It’s quite a simple idea really. I am a firm believer that when we get more information about a product, especially a second hand product, the easier it is for us to make a solid decision.”

The site has the ability for registered users to upload the videos of the products that they wish to sell. In this way any potential buyer is able to see all of the product, inside and out, and with a running commentary by the seller. It provides a much better understanding of the condition of the product.

“I remember when buying cars,” Leon told us, “I often viewed around 8 before I found the one I was looking at and this was, in my opinion, because the owner would either not take enough photos or because there were only “strategically” shot photos. With video this problem can be eliminated.”

Leon also believes that the use of videos on the site will help reduce the number of trips to view second hand products and also the number of times that sellers have to show the products. Furthermore, he sees a real potential to cut down on fake products. “If we take the decision to only view products that have a well shot video then everyone will have to shoot quality video. The whole second hand and exchange market will improve.”

So how actually work? It’s very simple. The seller simply records a video of their product, they then list it on the site and then they sell it. For the buyer it’s just as simple. They search for the products that interest them, watch the video and then contact the seller to arrange for a sale or even to offer something in exchange.

For information on please visit the website. Why not create an account and start buying and selling now!